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  • It can result in mold, which can be challenging to treat.
  • It can damage stored personal items such as electronics, clothing, paperwork, photos, or other precious items and memories.
  • It can lead to accidents, such as slip and fall or even electrical fires.
  • It can cause damage to the foundation of your home, which can result in a variety of other issues.

Basements are extremely susceptible to water issues as they are the lowest point in your house and holds down excessive amounts of weight, especially during rainy months. Recognizing any signs of moisture as early as possible will make a big impact on how the issue is treated and solved, including the expenses you will face. Your basement is important to the value of your home; you do not want to neglect it. Having access to a reputable basement company, such as Superior Basement Water Control and Remodeling can help keep your basement in its best condition.