Are you worried that water is leaking into your foundation? Have you seen signs of mold or mildew? Are you finding cracks or chips in your basement walls?

Superior Basement Water Control and Remodeling can help! Let us assess your situation, our water damage restoration & waterproofing services will keep your Syracuse home or business water and mold-free.

When homeowners and businesses in the Syracuse, New York area need wet basement solutions, Superior Basement Water Control is ready to help. Our team of experienced, professional waterproofing experts will provide timely, cost-efficient assistance with water damage restoration, remodeling and basement waterproofing, and water control.


Syracuse Water Damage Restoration & Waterproofing Services

Syracuse, New York receives its fair share of wet weather throughout the seasons. In an average year, this area can get 39 inches of precipitation including rain, hail, sleet, and snow. All that moisture results in super-saturated soil that can seep into your foundations and create a chronically damp basement. If you’re dealing with musty smells, mildew, leaks, cracks, or even standing water, you can find an affordable solution when you call our experienced waterproofing contractors.

Based in Cortland, Superior Basement Water Control and Remodeling is a privately owned company, providing cost efficient solutions for water damage restoration, remodeling and basement waterproofing/water control. We are proud to say we now offer our water damage and waterproofing services to the greater Syracuse, New York area.

Our Services Include:

  • Baseboard Water Control System (our most popular system)
    This No-Digging-Required system is installed on top of your basement floor and resolves over 90% of water seepage problems in the Syracuse area.
  • In-floor Drain Systems
    We create drainage systems that remove water from damp basements and from basements that experience regular flooding.
  • Basement Waterproofing and Water Control
    We prevent moisture from collecting inside your concrete block foundation or on your basement floor seeping into your foundation, resulting in damp basements, musty smells, and even cracks in the foundation.
  • Mold Removal
    When you ignore damp or wet basements too long, mold and mildew will follow, possibly causing an unhealthy atmosphere.
  • Sump Pumps
    Some unfinished basements, especially in older buildings, are built to withstand occasional, mild flooding or water pooling in spots. Many times, efficiently designed sump pump systems can prevent the need for more invasive and expensive approaches.

We’re not a franchise, therefore, we don’t operate like one. When you call us about your wet basement, you will not be directed to a customer service rep, you will speak with the owners and founders of the company. The experts at Superior Basement Water Control & Remodeling provide reliable waterproofing to Ithaca and beyond, solutions that address your needs so you can find a fix before the cost of repairs rises.

We use the most effective, cost efficient materials to give you the best value, and guaranteed solution to solve your basement water leaks. We have a “No Hassle, No Gimmicks, & No Pressure” reputation; so if you invite us for a visit, you can expect a casual conversation about your project.

Over the past 20 years, we have maintained a 100% success rate because we never suggest a solution until we have a thorough understanding of your water problem and the plans for your basement. During the consultation, our experts will get some background information about your situation from you, and a thorough inspection will then be performed to determine what services will be the most beneficial for your home in Ithaca, NY. We’re here to listen to your wishes and to help guide you in the direction that’s best for you. Your trust is important to us!

Basement Water Control & Waterproofing

When you’re looking for wet basement solutions, there are a lot of options available to homes and businesses in Syracuse. Every property is different, which means that we always customize your basement waterproofing system to fit with you and your residence’s needs. We’ve been creating wet basements solutions for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve found that our most popular waterproofing system is the one that resolves the most common causes of basement leaking, dampness, and flooding in Syracuse, New York.  And our most popular solution can save you a significant amount of money.

When you contact our Syracuse team, you’ll discover that Superior Basement Water Control is not a franchise, and we don’t operate like one. We’ve been owned and operated by the same contractors for 20 years. When you call us at our Syracuse offices, you won’t be directed to a customer service rep. Instead, you will speak with the owners and founders of the company. You’ll quickly find that talking with experienced, service focused waterproofing contractors allows you to get started on assessing your problem during the very first phone call.

This means that you will begin your relationship with the most experienced members of our team, who have provided decades of reliable basement waterproofing to Syracuse and beyond. And since you’re dealing with the people “in charge,” you know we’ll make sure we thoroughly inspect your home before we provide you with cost-efficient solutions that meet your needs.



Our 25 Year Transferable Warranty is backed by that 25-year reputation.
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In most homes, the term “Basement Waterproofing” is a misnomer. Basement Water remediation is done by strategically redirecting (or controlling) water from the outside or inside.

Where and How is it redirected or controlled? We determine that by assessing your specific circumstances and future plans for the space. Water that causes pressure on the foundation walls or floor (hydrostatic pressure) should be relieved or reduced through a variety of approaches. They vary not only in method, but also in risk. So, the company providing basement waterproofing services to you a solution should explain:

  • Why their solution is the best value for you.
  • How long it takes to implement.
  • The cost of the solution and type of warranty.

Superior Basement Water Control and Remodeling is an honest and caring company that will provide all the information you need to be confident in our solutions.

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Water Damage Remediation & Waterproofing Services Syracuse, NY