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Warmer weather is an exciting time for those with a green thumb. Some garden and landscape as a hobby, and some do it for curb appeal. However, there is more to landscaping than just sprucing up the exterior of your home. If done correctly, landscaping the perimeter of your home can help prevent water from seeping into basements during wet weather or accidental water hazards. Spring and summer are the perfect time to protect your home from water damage via landscaping. Use these tips for effective landscaping techniques.

  • Grade Your Yard – The ground surrounding your perimeter should always slope away from your home in order to prevent incoming water. You will need to know the high and low points of your home, and use extra dirt to slope accordingly. You may need to consult a professional to ensure vents, basement windows, pipes, drains, and other areas are not negatively impacted during grading.
  • Choose Native Plants – Plants that are original to the area in which you live can help to avert soil erosion while also allowing storm water to drain efficiently.
  • Add Mulch – In garden areas graded away from your home, fill with a few inches of mulch to help keep the soil in place and trap in rainwater. If you are adding mulch near your home, you will want to be sure the mulch is at least six inches from your siding to prevent moisture rotting about your home’s exterior.
  • Plant Grass – The root of grass can help absorb water. When you mow your lawn, you will need to make sure not to cut your lawn too short, otherwise, you will weaken the root and put your yard in a position for flooding.
  • Add Drainage Areas Near Driveways – Paved driveways can rapidly lead to storm water runoff, putting your home at an increased risk of flooding. Two other types of driveway options include a gravel driveway or a spaced paver driveway. However, if you are looking for a less expensive alternative you can add drainage next to your driveway by way of channel drains, pavers, or other landscaping-based solutions.
  • Install Rain Barrels – Adding rain barrels to the bottom of your downspouts to collect water are a great option to redirect moisture and defend your home from flooding.