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An estimated 98% of basements experience water damage at some point. Aside from doing the obvious, basement waterproofing has many major benefits.

  • Reduces Cost of Insurance Claims: Water damage accounts for about one fifth of all insurance claims homeowners make. Because basement flooding may involve many components such as cracks in the foundation, structural damage to wood, drywall and other materials, the price of the claims can quickly add up. Water damage to your basement can occur from major storms, flooding, plumbing leaks, or even slow leaks that may have been ignored over time. Don’t risk the obvious, or unknown. Invest in waterproofing your basement to save money on related insurance claims.
  • Water Prevention: Getting ahead of the game and enforcing simple waterproofing actions can prevent basement floods. Seal cracks in the foundation, install a sump pump and drainage system to divert ground water. Digging up your basement is usually not necessary, so be sure to consult a professional waterproofing contractor for the most effective and efficient solution.
  • Healthier Home Environment: Excess water or high moisture levels in a home typically results in mold or mildew, which not only damages your property but also prompts negative health effects (allergies, breathing issues, respiratory infections, etc.). Even though mold may grow in unseen areas of your home, it’s just as dangerous as the obvious mold. Waterproofing your basement reduces the moisture level, which will aid in preventing mold development.
  • Protects the Basement Floor: The majority of basements have a concrete floor that is about 2-4 inches thick. This thin floor is susceptible to pressure from ground water swelling beneath which leads to floor cracking. This puts your basement at a much higher threat of seepage or serious flooding.
  • Sump Pump Protection: Though a sump pump is an important factor in basement waterproofing, sump pumps can malfunction or even stop working altogether in the event of a power outage. Additional waterproofing tactics, such as an emergency backup pump,   will offer protection for your basement in the event your sump pump fails.
  • Prevention of Structural Damage: Water leakage through the foundation of your home can result in substantial structural damage by affecting joints and edges where the flooring and walls meet. This type of damage may be out of sight and become a much larger issue before you realize. Effective waterproofing will shield the joints and edges from excess water and prevent severe structural damage. 

​Serious damage, unsanitary living environment, expensive repairs….who wants to deal with that? Waterproofing your basement is key to avoiding these situations as much as possible.