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“My experience with Superior Basement Water Control & Remodeling was superior!! I found myself very overwhelmed with the prospect of having to repair my basement due to water problems. I had heard basement waterproofing could be extremely expensive. I called Superior Basement and spoke with the owner George. I loved the fact that I was able to speak with the owner from the very start! I expressed my concerns and he scheduled me in for an appointment that week. He was very professional from the start and I could tell was extremely knowledgeable about basement repair. He seemed to have a ton of experience. He did a thorough analysis of my basement and communicated with me directly on where the problems were….he made sure that I understood exactly why water was coming into the basement and developed a solution on how to fix the problem. There was no need to dig up my floors, he just needed to address some problem areas with his system and that in turn would stop any further water damage and leakage. When the time came to discuss price, George shocked me with a figure that was much lower than what I had expected. I couldn’t believe it and was so very happy to hear that it wasn’t going to be anywhere near what I had heard other basement repair companies can charge.

The estimate that Superior Basement provided to me was also very clear and easy to follow. Everything was there that we had discussed during our appointment and I didn’t hesitate to move forward with the project. George and his very professional team were able to repair the basement in a few days and since then, I have had a dry basement and am very pleased! While he was in my home, I also had him do two other projects for me that weren’t basement related! One of them, he had noticed himself….it was a repair on my front door that would help my home be much more energy efficient and provide better security. These projects were also very affordable for me and I was very satisfied with the work.

If your basement is having water flooding or leaking problems, I would definitely call George at Superior Basement Water Control & Remodeling. He is honest, reliable and affordable! I knew I made the right choice!”